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How do you get scouted?

2012-02-02 23:21:34 by CaddyCo

Just wondering.


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2012-02-02 23:54:42

Kiss ass of an artist thats already scouted

CaddyCo responds:

Ah, I see.


2012-02-02 23:58:55

You must climb mount Fujiyama naked and train with ninja in thongs and pedo bear masks. Walk a thousand miles with a polar bear attached nipple to nipple with you by 2 rings and eat a daemonic baby.
Newgrounds is serious shit now.

CaddyCo responds:

Hm lotus... Maybe make a flash out of that lol Pitch that to Sexual Lobster. He just might do something with it.


2012-02-03 09:44:31

Check the FAQ.

CaddyCo responds: