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2012-07-28 15:31:22 by CaddyCo

It's over-rated. Except for ugly people. (I'm telling you what you want to hear. I don't really believe that ugly people can't go without make-up.)


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2012-07-28 16:32:35

Stop saying the word "derp". It's fucking retarded. You like 20 years old, so act your age!


2012-07-28 16:33:21


(Updated ) CaddyCo responds:

It is actually "you're" as in "You are." Your is possessive as in, "Your Dog" or "Your house" etc. Grammar aside, I understand that I'm 20, but just saying 'derp' doesn't make me 'immature' or acting 'less than my age'. Since when has that word been age limited? Where are you getting this ridiculous information? What gives you ground to tell me to stop and expect me to listen?
I don't know you! and I have no respect for you. Not that I CAN'T but why should I? You figuratively just waltz on in here thinking you can tell me what to do? Jeez, man. What's your M.O?


How old are you? You should know how to be grammatically correct!
And derp is NOT retarded. It is highly functional and I find it hilarious.


2012-07-28 17:42:01

I hate when young girls wear makeup. They do it to look more mature and then when they're older they need even more makeup to.make themselves look younger again. Theres not enough period of appreciating the natural beauty.

CaddyCo responds:

You are absolutely right! There's a show in the states called Toddlers and Tiaras and it's HORRIBLE. From infants to 12 year olds they have them decked out with make-up. These 4 year olds look like they're 20. It's gross..