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2011-12-10 02:38:27 by CaddyCo

How many of you think the majority of america had their christmas decorations up before thanks giving?

It has abeen quite a while....

2011-11-09 19:32:15 by CaddyCo

Do you not think so? I think so....
What did everyone do over the summer and what are you going to do for thanks giving?

Shoop Da Woop

2011-06-02 20:04:40 by CaddyCo

Where the hell did that come from?


2011-05-15 14:43:06 by CaddyCo

If a stranger asks you to go with him just one mile, go with him two.

I just love it....

2011-02-09 23:25:47 by CaddyCo

When people use the "Helpful" or "Not helpful" or "Abusive" buttons when it's besides their purpose.

Helpful= I like you or I love you

Not helpful= I don't like you or I don't love you

Abusive= I bleeping hate your filthy guts.

And that's not the case for some people... although it's become more common and I know I'm not the only one that thinks this! Anyway, I could be doing better things than rant... To conclude this, here's a picture. (meaning, regardless of where this picture ends up placed on the post, I put it in last..)

I just love it....